Megan kimppakyydit!

Mega 25.5.2019
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Megan kimppakyydit!

Viesti Kirjoittaja kyrasantae » Ma 04.03.2019 1:02

Going to Megas is always more fun as a group! So let's start a carpool/ride-share thread!

I haven't been able to become part of a "regular group" of geocaching friends, so I am trying another way to find people to travel with.

I'm looking for people who are already planning to drive to Oulu from Espoo or Helsinki (and then back), ideally along the west coast. I don't have a licence so I can't help with driving, but I can help with fuel, food, and hotel costs, and I can make cache lists and navigate to color the map along whatever route you want to take (from my experience, this is quite a lot of work...). My only requirement is that we must arrive before Friday night, because I am volunteering at the Mega in the morning.

(I understand Finnish (and a tiny bit of Swedish), I just don't speak/write it. (I write the English translations for Kiilopää Mega, for example.) Please, don't make any issue/drama about this. Geocaching is supposed to be fun.)

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Re: Megan kimppakyydit!

Viesti Kirjoittaja jaakkogeo » Ti 05.03.2019 23:16

I think I'm going there by car, it depends on if I get friday free, I hope so.

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